Registration and Renewal of Trademarks (for agents)

Not an agent? Use the form for individuals.

Login to Trademark Registration and Renewal e-services

Before you begin

You are required to have a valid Industry Canada username and password that has been activated with the Trademarks Office to login into the secure system.

To create a new username and password or update your existing registration, go to: My Industry Canada Account.

To activate your Industry Canada username, contact the Trademarks Operations Section by phone at 819-997-2590 or by facsimile at 819-953-2476. Do not contact us if you are already activated.

Note: It is important to provide the Operations Section with your Industry Canada username in the same way that it was applied for. The Industry Canada username is case sensitive and must be recorded exactly as it was applied for.

Services available online

Login to Trademark Registration and Renewal e-services

You may use this web application to:

  • Pay the registration fee and submit the declaration of use (if applicable)
  • Request an extension of time to file a declaration of use
  • Pay the renewal fee

Payments may be made by credit card or by CIPO deposit account.

Future correspondence

The extension of time notice letter, the declaration of use confirmation, the registration certificate, the renewal certificate and the registration page will be available online. Further correspondence will be sent by regular mail.


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