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Welcome to CIPO's International Filing e-service, called PCT e-Filing.

With this online service, users are able to submit international patent applications to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). PCT e-Filing allows users to pay the prescribed filing fees on-line and to receive the filing date and international application number immediately.

Applications filed using PCT-SAFE e-filing receive a fee reduction (PDF 41.7 KB) on the international filing fee.

Applications prepared using WIPO's ePCT online service and filed through CIPO's International Filing e-service receive a fee reduction (PDF 41.7 KB) on the international filing fee.

Using WIPO's ePCT Online Service with Canada as the Receiving Office

Step 1 - Prepare the PCT application using WIPO's ePCT online service:

  • Login to WIPO's ePCT Portal;
  • Prepare the PCT application, validate it and download the e-filing package (.zip file);
  • Save the .zip file (contains a .zg1 file needed in Step 2).

Step 2 - Submit the PCT application to CIPO with CIPO's PCT e-Filing service:

  • Login to CIPO's PCT e-Filing service;
  • Extract the .zg1 file from the .zip file obtained in Step 1;
  • Transmit the .zg1 file to CIPO through CIPO's PCT e-Filing service.


The payment of fees is not done in Step 1 through WIPO's ePCT Portal. Payments may be made directly to CIPO by credit card or deposit account in CIPO's PCT e Filing at Step 2 or via other means.

Filing of Sequence Listings Forming Part of the International Application

For international applications filed on or after July 1, 2009:

  • No page fees are payable for sequence listings filed in ST.25 text format as part of an international application filed in electronic form.
  • Full page fees are payable for all pages of a sequence listing filed in image format as part of an international application in electronic form.
  • Full page fees are payable for sequence listings filed on paper.

ATTENTION: Mixed mode filings (former Part 8 of the Administrative Instructions) are no longer permissible.

International patent applications have to be prepared using the latest version of WIPO's PCT-SAFE software or prepared using WIPO's ePCT online service.

Before accessing the secure PCT e-Filing service, users must first acquire their login credentials from Industry Canada. If you already have an account, then you can proceed with login.


The PCT-SAFE software is available for download and the main page features a support guide for PCT applicants and frequently asked questions. A digital certificate is required to use PCT-SAFE.

The ePCT online service main page features a user guide and other resources. Use of ePCT to file or prepare international applications requires authentication by uploading a digital certificate to a WIPO user account.

Information regarding the creation of digital certificates can be found here.

Any support required regarding usage of the PCT-SAFE software, the ePCT online service or obtaining digital certificates should be requested from WIPO.

If you need assistance to upload or make payments for international patent applications through this website, please contact CIPO's Client Service Centre. To report a technical problem, please complete the Problem Report form.

WIPO's Digital Certificates

In order to file an international application electronically, a digital certificate is required. You can apply for a WIPO Customer Certification Authority (CA) certificate online.

Alternative Arrangements for Filing International Patent Applications

This section describes alternative arrangements available for filing international patent applications in case:

  • A failure occurs in any component of the CIPO's server, which prevents successful completion of filing.
  • A failure occurs in any component of the client's system, which prevents successful completion of filing.

In case of the above, clients are advised to transmit their application to CIPO by facsimile.

Facsimiles must be addressed to the Commissioner of Patents, and sent using the following numbers (facsimile equipment of CIPO's mailroom):

  • 819-953-CIPO (953-2476) or
  • 819-953-OPIC (953-6742)

The electronic transmittal report will constitute the acknowledgement that the correspondence has been received.

Facsimile correspondence that is sent to any facsimile number other than those indicated above, including those of a designated establishment, will be considered not to have been received.

When submitting a document by facsimile that also has a fee requirement, notification of the preferred mode of payment to be applied should be prominently displayed on the covering letter to ensure expedient processing.

Correspondence delivered by electronic means of transmission, including facsimile, will be considered to be received on the day that it is transmitted if it is transmitted and received before midnight, local time at CIPO on a day when CIPO is open for business. When CIPO is closed for business, correspondence delivered on that day will be considered to be received on the next day on which CIPO is open for business.

Method of Payment

Payments may be made by credit card or by deposit account.

System and Browser Requirements

Please review our System and Browser Requirements to ensure you have the required software.

Period of Inactivity

For security reasons, in the event there is no user activity for a period of 30 minutes after initial login, the application will disconnect the user from this electronic service.

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