Renew a trademark (for agents)

How to access this form

  1. The renewal page is located on a secure server on Industry Canada's Strategis website.

    If you are a new client, you must create a username and password with Industry Canada. The Industry Canada username creation page is located on a secure server on the Industry Canada site.

    Returning clients who need to update their Industry Canada registration, or who have forgotten their username or password should visit Industry Canada registration.

  2. Payments may be made by credit card or by deposit account.

  3. Activate your Strategis username by contacting the Trademarks Operations Section by phone at 819-997-2590 or by facsimile at 819-953-2476.

    It is important to provide the Operations Section with your Strategis username in the same way that it was applied for. The Strategis username is case sensitive and must be recorded exactly as it was applied for.

Future correspondence:

The Renewal certificate and acknowledgment notice will be returned by e-mail. However, all further correspondence here after pertaining to this registration will be by regular mail.


A glossary of terms and their functions is available for your assistance.

Note: You will have to log onto Strategis to access this document.

System Requirements and Information

You should review our system requirements and information summary to ensure you have the required software.



Renew a Trademark Registration

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