MOPOP - Chapter 3

Inquiries and information on pending applications

Table of Contents

Inquiries by applicants - April 2014

Procedures for inquiring about an application's status can be found on CIPO's website.

Inquiries on pending applications (section 11 of the Patent Act) - June 2015

As per section 11 of the Patent Act, and notwithstanding the exception in section 10, on the request of any person who states in writing the name of the inventor, if available, the title of the invention and the number and date of a patent said to have been granted in a named country other than Canada, CIPO shall inform that person whether an application for a patent of the invention is or is not pending in Canada.

Requests under section 11 must be made in writing and accompanied by the fee prescribed in Schedule II item 23 of the Patent Rules.

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