General correspondence—Patents

This page provides information about how to correspond with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) if you are filing a patent. It includes information about entering the national phase of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in Canada.

Making submissions to the Patent Office

You can electronically submit the following:

Once you complete the general correspondence form (below), we will automatically create a letter for you addressed to the Commissioner of Patents.

If you wish to pay fees or correspond with our office in another way, please refer to our Contact us page for more information.

Documents such as assignments or the specification of the application must be provided in either TIFF or PDF format.

Biological sequence listings can be provided only in ASCII format. Biological sequence listings submitted under the Patent Rules in force prior to June 2, 2007, however, must also be provided in either TIFF or PDF format.

CIPO will send all further correspondence according to your preference (email or regular mail). Since email is currently not secure, when your correspondence relates to applications for patents that are not yet open to public inspection, you may wish to indicate that future correspondence be sent by regular mail. This provides better security of your information. Please advise us if you change your email address so that all future correspondence can reach the proper destination.

To become familiar with patent applications and how to prepare one, please read our tutorial on how to write a patent application. If you need technical assistance, please contact us or send a technical problem report form.

This page cannot be used to send correspondence related to international applications. Please see the Correspondence procedures Web page for more information.

Paying fees

For questions about payments, please see the page how to make a payment.

You can pay using a credit card or by deposit account.Footnote1.

System and browser requirements

You should review our system and browser requirements to make sure you have the right software.

Registering with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Before you access any secure electronic services, you must first log on to the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada secure server. If you do not already have an Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada account, you will need to create one.

Complete a general correspondence

Create a new or load a saved general correspondence


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