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An Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP)
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A word (or words), a design, or a combination of these used to distinguish the goods and services of one person or organization from those of others in the marketplace

Look around you

… how many trademarks do you see everyday?

BlackBerry logo
Bell logo
Petro-canada logo

You might notice that some trademarks are followed by the symbols ® or ™.

Canada's Trade-marks Act does not contain any marking requirements. However, you may have come across the following symbols used by trademark owners, namely, ® (registered), TM (trademark), MD (marque déposée) or MC (marque de commerce). The ® or MD are generally used to identify a registered mark. The symbols TM or MC are generally used to identify an unregistered mark.

Trademarks can be used to uniquely identify goods and services

Petro-canada logo

Petro-Canada holds the Team sponsorship rights for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games. You will see this logo on our Canadian athletes.

A brand is a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer.

A trademark is a distinctive indicator which uniquely identifies a particular company, individual, or product/service.

Top Canadian Brands

Canadian brands (in billions of dollars)
TD Bank 10.8
Royal Bank of Canada 10.5
Thomson Reuters 8.3
Scotiabank 7.7
Tim Hortons 3.9
Bell Canada 3.3
Shoppers Drug Mart/ Pharmaprix  3.2
Rogers 3.2
lululemon athletica 2.9
Telus 2.9

Source: Interbrand Canada 2014

Trademark protection

In today's competitive global marketplace, branding often becomes the most important aspect of a business or an organization.

Registering a trademark has important advantages in Canada:

  • It provides proof of ownership
  • It allows you to flag infringement under the Trademark Act
  • It prevents others from adopting a similar trademark
  • It can make licensing your products and services easier

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