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2010 Patent Agent Exam - Paper A
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Paper A

Dear Candidate,

Paper A is a patent drafting exercise in which the candidate is requested to prepare a full patent specification, with significant weight (60%) given to the claims.

A hypothetical inventor has provided a description of the technology as the inventor understands it. A search has been provided to assist the candidate in evaluating the actual scope of the inventor's invention. You will assume the search is the most relevant of the prior art and you are cautioned not to impart your own knowledge into your analysis and preparation of the patent application. While clever, the inventor is unlikely to have provided language, structure and organization appropriate for a patent application. Accordingly, full marks for the description will not be awarded if the Candidate merely copies the inventor's text and, historically, lower marks have been awarded for exclusively cutting and pasting portions from the examination itself.

The inventor has provided the attached materials describing and illustrating a log debarker. A search has revealed three pertinent references, namely: US Patent X,XXX,234 to Maritz, US Patent X,XXX,401 to Woods and X,XXX,666 to Wu.

On the basis of the client's letter, drawings, and the known prior art patents, prepare a patent application. The Candidate is required to submit a first independent claim of the apparatus type having 5 or 6 dependent apparatus claims and a second independent claim of the method type having 3 or 4 dependent method claims. The Candidate has been provided with duplicate unmarked copies of the drawings for their use. As is evident from the mark breakdown below, preparation of formal portions of the application such as a petition is not required.

Abstract 2.5
Title 1
Field of the Invention 1
Background of the Invention 9
Summary of the Invention 12.5
Description of the Drawings 2
Description of the Embodiments 22
Subtotal 40
Independent Apparatus Claim 22
Dependent Apparatus Claims 10
Independent Method Claim 22
Dependent Method Claims 6
Subtotal 60
Total: 100

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