Basic search

How to do a Search

To search this database, you need to enter various search criteria (a word or string of characters) in the "Search text" boxes and select a field, a type of document, a status and in some cases actions for a given time frame. If you want, you can also combine several search criteria using boolean operators (and, or, but not). For more flexibility, your query can also include wildcards like an asterisk (*) for a string of characters or a question mark (?) for a single character.

The searching algorithm uses boolean logic and ranks results based on the hit count or the number of times individual words or search criteria appear in the selected field(s).

Select search field

Eighteen (18) fields are made available for searching. Each of the fields corresponds to a specific element of information on the trademark. The field to be queried depends on the type of information that you are looking for and your search criteria. See the section entitled Searchable fields.

When searching for a trademark name, it is recommended that you search against the field "trademark lookup", which searches trademark, trademark description, foreign character translation and index heading.

Enter search text

Enter your search criteria (a word, words, numbers, characters or combination thereof) in the search text box. The search engine is case and accent insensitive, meaning that upper and lower case letters have no bearing on the search results, nor do accents. Generally, trademarks which consist of words only are all written in capital letters.

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