Instructions for the Request for the Registration of a Transfer

These are the instructions related to a Request for the Registration of a Transfer

Failure to complete all the sections of the form may result in the registration not being completed. Telephone, fax, and e-mail are optional.

1. Request for registration

  • By completing and submitting this form, you request that the transfer identified in the form be registered by the Commissioner of Patents. It is understood that it is the requestor's responsibility to include in the form all the information required for the registration of the transfer and ensure the accuracy of the included information.

2. Patent applications and/or patent(s) concerned

  • Identify the patent(s) and/or patent application(s) affected by a transfer which registration is hereby requested.
  • Indicate the patent or patent application number, if one has been assigned by the Patent Office or the PCT number, and the title of the invention. The client's reference number is optional.

3. Basis for transfer

  • Select the basis for the transfer. If it results from a transaction other than an assignment or a merger or is the object of a court order, or another form of transfer, select the box "other" and specify the basis for the change in ownership.
  • Provide the date on which the transfer was effective. If the effective date of the transfer precedes the filing date of the patent(s) or patent application(s), please select the corresponding box.
  • It is mandatory to submit a copy of the document effecting the change in ownership or a pertinent extract thereof.

4. Extent or scope of the transfer

  • Select whether the interest owned by the assignor in the identified patents or patent applications is transferred in whole or in part.

5. Proof of the transfer

  • Select the type of proof that accompanies the request. The box "other" may be selected and followed by more information in the situation where, for example, the change of ownership is by virtue of a court order or where the assignor/transferor is deceased or a testamentary letter accompanies the request.

6. Transferor(s)/assignors

  • Identify the transferor(s)/assignor(s). Provide their name (family name followed by given name, i.e. Smith, John; for a legal entity, full official designation, i.e. ABC Company Limited) and complete address (number, street, city, province and postal code when applicable and country).
  • In the situation of a deceased assignor/transferor, please indicate "(deceased)" after the name of the assignor/transferor and submit the appropriate documentation in support of the assignment/transfer.
  • Telephone, fax and email are optional.

7. Transferee(s)/assignee(s)

  • Identify the transferee(s)/assignee(s). Provide their name (family name followed by given name; for a legal entity, full official designation) and complete address (number, street, city, province and postal code when applicable and country).
  • Telephone, fax and email are optional.
  • Select the box indicating that "the transferee/assignee should not be indicated as current owner in CIPO's records" in the situation where the transferee/assignee is not the current owner (i.e. there have been subsequent changes of ownership).

8. Prescribed fee

  • In accordance with item 21 of Schedule 2 of the Tariff of Fees, a unitary fee must be submitted for each document registered in the Office, per application/patent. Determine the amount of the total fee that must be paid by multiplying: the number of document(s) to be registered by the number of patent application(s) or patent(s) by the unitary fee.
  • Payment must accompany the request and can be submitted using CIPO's Fee Payment Form.

9. Requestor information

  • Select the identity of the person submitting the request for registration.
  • If the request is submitted by someone other than the assignor/transferor or assignee/transferee, identified in boxes 6 and 7, or the agent already on record, provide the name and complete address of the requestor.
  • Telephone, fax and email are optional.
  • The signature, label or seal of the requestor is mandatory.
  • Note that this does not constitute a formal appointment of agent.
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