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CIPO Business Strategy Roadmap 2012-2017 (PDF: 800 KB; 1 page)

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Priorities Timeline for the Access to Innovative Knowledge Pillar

Access to Innovative Knowledge Pillar


Identify Users of Innovative Knowledge

Understand user types and needs

Q1 2012-13 to Q4 2012-13

Improve Access to IP Information

Increase transparency of IP filing information

Q3 2012-13 & beyond

Open data readiness and roll-out

Q3 2012-13 & beyond

Develop Search and Share Capabilities

Organize and clean data

Q2 2012-13 to Q1 2013-14

Improve search capabilities

  • natural language
  • classification concordance

Q1 2013-14 to mid-Q4 2014-15

Warehouse data

Q2 2012-13 & beyond

Develop push technologies to share Information requested by users

Q1 2012-13 to Q2 2015-16

Build Value Added Analysis and Products

Build business analytics capacity and product offerings

Mid-Q1 2012-13 & beyond

Leverage Partnerships for Knowledge and Dissemination


Q1 2012-13 to Q4 2016-17

Build partnerships with OGDs, IPOs, academia and the private sector to complement knowledge

Build partnerships with OGDs to share innovative knowledge with clients of OGDs

Q1 2012-13 to Q4 2016-17

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