Patent Examination Technical Seminars


The Patent Branch would like to invite clients, scientists and inventors to present the technical aspects of their field of expertise to Patent Examiners.

Through the Patent Examination Technical Seminars (PETS) program CIPO will host scientists as well as industry and technical experts as guest lecturers to update patent examiners on technical developments and emerging trends in their fields. Guest lecturers will have relevant, historic and current technical knowledge, including industry practices/standards in technological areas of interest.

The PETS program is not intended to be an opportunity for applicants to discuss office practice, pending applications, nor to circumvent normal communication between applicants or applicants' representatives and patent examiners.

PETS guest lecturers will not provide advice or recommendations regarding patent policy or practice to CIPO. The PETS program is solely a means to provide patent examiners with technical training from subject-matter experts working in various fields of patentable technology.

For more information about the PETS program, please contact Marc De Vleeschauwer.

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