FAQ — Trademarks e-filing application

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1. What transactions can be submitted using the new online system?

You may use the new system to perform the following tasks:

Subsequent releases of the system will allow you to complete and submit applications for the registration of a sound mark, to amend the registration of a trademark to extend the statement of goods and/or services, and eventually all office transactions.

2. Can I use previously saved applications from the old system as templates to file new and revised applications with the new system?

Yes. The new system allows the upload of previously saved HTML applications from the old system to allow the submission of a revised application for use as a template to file a new trademark application.

Note: Although a great deal of effort has been made to ensure maximum compatibility with the previous system, it is possible that not all data will be properly transferred to the new system when a saved application is uploaded. Please read all of the data in the loaded application and make any necessary modifications to comply with this new e-filing system prior to submitting data to the Office.

3. In brief, how does the new e-Filing system work?

You may complete and submit an application at any time of the day or night. The system allows you to submit information by responding to a series of questions to meet not only the filing requirements but other important information to be submitted. This information may include the name and address of a representative for service or your preferred language of correspondence and mode of communication so that the Office may efficiently process your application. In all, you may have fill in up to seven of the following screens to complete your application:

Upon successful submission of your application, the acknowledgement receipt and filing notice are sent to you as an attachment via email.

4. How do I receive my application number and filing date?

To receive a filing date and number, an application must meet the filing requirements. An application must contain the following information:

If your application is missing filing requirements, you will be prompted to supply the outstanding information before proceeding to your cart, as the application may not be submitted until the missing filing requirements are provided. The application number will be provided to you immediately following the successful payment of the application fee. However, the official filing date will be the date that the application is received in the Trademarks Office during regular office hours.

5. Can I save my application to submit later?

Yes. You can enter the trademark application at your own pace and save the file in the Work in Progress folder until you are ready to submit it. You may also view, print and/or validate the application to verify the information you have entered.

6. Do I need to forward documents that were submitted online?

Documents sent electronically constitute originals. A duplicate paper copy should not be forwarded.

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