Protect your privacy on the Canadian Patents Database

Did you know that all documents relating to a patent or patent application submitted by applicants and/or agents are made available on the Canadian Patents Database (CPD)?

However, documents effecting transfers may contain sensitive personal information, therefore CIPO will not publish them on the CPD, but will be available in hard copy format in our Office in Gatineau upon request and payment of a fee.

How do I protect my personal information?

Send only information needed as prescribed by the Patent Act or Patent Rules.

Required: In the case of a transfer of patent rights, send only the portion of the document that transfers the patent rights.

Not required: Portions of the transfer documents such as a purchase agreement, will or bankruptcy document that contain personal or confidential information which detail purchase prices, other assets, due diligence assessments, etc., are not required by CIPO to effect the transfer.

You may redact or supress any information that you do not wish to be made public before you send the document to CIPO.

My sensitive personal information is on the CPD, what should I do?

CIPO receives a high volume of patent documents and correspondence, so it is possible that personal or confidential information may be posted on the CPD.

To remove personal or confidential information from the CPD, the authorized correspondent should provide a request in writing referencing:

  • the patent application or patent number, and
  • enough information to help CIPO identify the document in question (date, description, etc.).

CIPO will review the request and remove documents that contain sensitive personal or confidential information from the CPD, but as mentioned before will remain accessible to the public upon request and payment of a fee.

Examples of what CIPO could remove from the CPD:  person's telephone number or curriculum vitae.
Example of what CIPO will not remove from the CPD: a response to an examiner's report.

I want to correct information on the CPD

There are various mechanisms to correct information. Please review the Patent Notices or the Manual of Patent Office Practice to learn how to correct information already submitted to CIPO.

In the event that the CPD does not reflect CIPO's records, CIPO will correct the CPD upon receipt of a written request by the authorized correspondent or when it becomes aware of the error.

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For more information about privacy, consult Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Terms and Conditions or CIPO Terms and Conditions.

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