Updates to the trademark online services

CIPO is making progress towards modernizing Canada's intellectual property framework. The online services pertaining to trademark e-filing, e-registration and e-renewal were updated on May 29, 2017, in anticipation of upcoming legislative changes related to Bill C-31 (Economic Action Plan Act, No.1).

Take a look at the Trademarks legislative changes and international treaties web page for more details on our progress.

Upcoming changes include

Trademark e-filing

Access e-filing

Change summary

The trademark e-filing online service will be amended to allow our clients to submit requests to group goods or services according to the classes of the Nice Classification for trademarks with a “Registered” status.

Improvements include

Trademark e-registration and e-renewal


Change summary

The e-registration and e-renewal online services will comply with the Standard on Web Accessibility of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

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