Four patent special provisions you could benefit from

Find out how you can fast-track your patent application for clean technology inventions, pay reduced fees for your patent application if you have a small business, fast-track your patent application if you have a patent application with one of Canada's PPH partners, and why you should file prior art.

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Fast-tracked patent application for clean technology inventions

You can request to fast-track the examination of your patent application when it's related to clean technology.

No additional fee is required for the accelerated examination service of patent applications related to clean technologies. Your application is eligible when the invention relates to clean (otherwise known as green) technology and the commercialization of the invention would help to resolve or mitigate environmental impacts or to conserve the natural environment and resources.

Our accelerated service is intended to assist in reducing the time it takes to patent clean technology inventions, enabling businesses to bring clean technology to market more rapidly.

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Reduced fees for small entities

Certain fees for obtaining and maintaining a patent are reduced by 50% for small businesses and universities to encourage them to use the patent system. You may be entitled to pay fees at the small entity level.

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Fast-tracked examination with Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

If you have a patent application with one of Canada's PPH partners, you may be able to significantly fast-track examination of your patent application.

The Patent Prosecution Highway allows you to accelerate the examination of your patent application, provided you have a corresponding patent or allowed patent application with one of our PPH partners.

If you meet the requirements, you can get your first patent examination action faster and at no additional charge.

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Removing potential barriers for your business

If you have concerns that a patent application may create barriers for your business, you can help CIPO by submitting relevant information, such as publications relating to your own use of the invention. This information, otherwise known as prior art, ensures that CIPO considers all pertinent data when examining the application's eligibility for a patent. If it is relevant, it may block competitors from obtaining a patent for inventions that were previously disclosed. If you think someone is trying to obtain a patent for an invention that already exists, you can help the patent examiner by filing prior art with CIPO, explaining why the invention is not new or inventive.

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