IP tools and resources for businesses

Various products and services to help you realize the full potential of intellectual property (IP).


Services and information

IP success stories

Stories about businesses reaching their potential with the help and protection of IP.

IP video series

Video series that covers key topics for businesses at all stages.

Bank of Speakers

Need a speaker on IP for your event for Canadian businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs? Find out how to request a speaker from CIPO for free.

Case studies

The IP Case Studies are teaching tools that demonstrate the strategic value of IP to college and university students.

How do I search CIPO's databases?

Learn how to use CIPO's IP databases to your advantage with these search tips and examples.

Play the IP game

Play our interactive game to discover more about IP and protecting your intangible assets.

Identifying your IP assets

Your assets can be protected through IP rights known as patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright and trade secrets.

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