Intellectual property in Canada

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Intellectual property in Canada
Patent Trade secret Industrial design Trademark Copyright
Coverage New, useful and non-obvious invention Invention, business information Visual features of a product Source of goods or services Original literary, artistic, musical or dramatic work
Product, process, machine, chemical composition, use Business method, invention, recipe, manufacturing process Shape, configuration, pattern, ornament, or any combination of these features Words, designs, tastes, textures, moving images, modes of packaging, holograms, sounds, scents, three-dimensional shapes, colours, or a combination of these features Software, sound recording, photograph, painting, web content, communication signals
Rights Exclude others from using, making or selling No formal rights (contractual obligations) Exclude others from making, using, selling or importing Prevent others from using your trademark Prevent others from reproducing your original work
WhereFootnote * Canada World Canada Canada World
Duration Up to 20 years from date of filing As long as confidentiality is maintained Up to 15 years from date of filing 10 years (renewable) Life of creator + 50 years in general
Disclosure grace period 12 months No disclosure 12 months Not applicable Not applicable (automatic rights)

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