Registration form for the 2018 Patent Agent Qualifying Examination

Application for the 2018 Patent Agent Qualifying Examination (subsection 12(a) of the Patent Rules).

The information recorded in this document is compiled by the Patent Appeal Board for applications to the 2018 Patent Agent Qualifying Examination. Personal information will be protected under the Privacy Act.

Registration form – Administrative information

Last name: _________________________________________

First name: _________________________________________


Preferred official language of correspondence:   

Mailing address:

Choice of Paper: 

Telephone: _________________________________________

Other telephone: _________________________________________

Email (mandatory): _________________________________________

Other email: _________________________________________

In which official language would you prefer to write the exam? :  

In what city would you like to write the exam?: _________________________________________

On a volunteer basis for statistical purposes: level of education and profession: _________________________________________

Attestation regarding prerequisite qualifications for the 2018 Patent agent qualifying examination

In order to write the Patent Agent Qualifying Examination, all candidates are required, pursuant to subparagraph 12b)(iii) of the Patent Rules, to provide the Registrar with evidence establishing that they meet the requirements set out in subsection 12(a) of the Regulations.

The Office considers that any of the following will satisfy the requirements to provide evidence: an affidavit or a statutory declaration by the candidate, or a letter of attestation signed by the candidate’s employer or by a registered Patent agent.

The affidavit, statutory declaration or letter of attestation will be assessed by the Office to determine whether the candidate meets the requirements of subsection 12(a) of the Patent Rules.

The Office, as a general rule, does not require a detailed explanation of a candidate’s experience. The Office prefers a document that clearly and succinctly provides qualitative information addressing the nature (e.g. preparing, filing and prosecuting applications; providing advice regarding validity and infringement issues), context (e.g. in Canada, at firm X, since 20xx, under the supervision of a registered agent), and duration of the experience. Quantitative descriptions, other than for establishing that the 24-month requirement has been met, are not required.

It is not necessary to have a third party attest to the candidate’s experience, nor is it required that the experience be obtained under the supervision of a registered Patent agent.

Registration application declaration

Please complete the form below to enable us to establish that you satisfy the eligibility conditions for the Patent Agent Qualifying Examination:

I certify that I meet the requirements stipulated in subsection 12(a) of the Patent Rules.

My application includes an affidavit or a statutory declaration by myself.

My application includes a letter of attestation signed by my employer or a certified Patent agent.

My fee payment form is included.

If applicable, my special accommodations form is included (all requests for accommodation must be clearly indicated at the time of the application, but sent no later than 45 days prior to the date of the scheduled examination, i.e. before Friday, March 16, 2018).

Candidate’s signature:  ________________________________

Date : ________________________________

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