Frequently asked questions about IP Agent Search

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about IP Agent Search. This is a good place to check for answers before contacting our Client Service Centre.

What information is offered by IP Agent Search?

IP Agent Search provides a list of the following:

What's the difference between IP Agent Search and the lists of agents?

IP Agent Search and the lists of agents offer the same information. However, IP Agent Search is a real-time application that provides results based on search criteria, while the lists of agents are static and preconfigured, and they do not allow any customization.

How can I search for an agent?

You can search for an agent by entering a name and/or a location. You can also refine your results by using the filters.

Where do I view my results?

You can view your results in the list view (left side of the page), and you will find geographic locations represented by an indicator in the map view (right side of the page).

When are my results refreshed?

Your results on the list and the map view are refreshed when you update any of the filters. They are also refreshed if you move the map and click on "Search this area," based on the new map area.

How can I sort my results?

IP Agent Search provides three ways to sort your results:

How can I find an agent near me?

When you access IP Agent Search, you are prompted to share your location.

If you agree, you will be provided with a list of all agents within 25 km of your location.

If you decide not to share your location, the default location will be "Canada" and you will be provided with a list of all agents in Canada.

In all cases, you can enter any location (street address, city, province or territory, postal code, or country) in the location field and specify a distance in kilometres, or you can use the map to find agents.

Why are some agents with a PO box not displayed on the map?

A street address is required in order for Google Maps™ to indicate where an agent is located. If an agent has provided only a PO box as their place of business, they will not appear in the map view.

How can I hide the map?

You can hide the map by clicking on the "Hide map" button located above the map. That will provide you with a list view of agents, rather than a map view. Once the map is hidden, you can reopen it by clicking on the "Show map" button located above the results.

How do I view an agent's detailed information?

You can view an agent's detailed information by clicking on their name from the list or map view.

How do I get back to my search results from an agent's detailed information?

From an agent's detailed information page, there are two options to get back to your search results:

How do I export my search results?

You can export your results by clicking the "Export" button and selecting a file format. The available formats are PDF, CVS and XML.

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