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File a Canadian patent application: Pay the final fee

From: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

7. Pay final fee

If your patent application is allowed, you'll be sent a notice of allowance that will ask for the final fee, as well as an excess page fee of $6.12 for each page of the specification and drawings after 100 pages.

Pay final fee
Fee type 2021 (CAD) 2022 (CAD)Footnote 1
Application fee (standard) $306.00 $305.39
Application fee (small entity) $153.00 $152.69
Fee for each page of specification and drawings, other than pages of a sequence listing submitted in electronic form, in excess of 100 pages $6.12 $6.11

All patent fees

If you do not pay the final fee by your deadline (4 months from the mailing date of the notice), your patent application is deemed abandoned.

How to reinstate an abandoned application

Accepted forms of payment

To pay your fees online you can only use:

Send the final fee using the general correspondence

Maintain your patent

There are different things you may have to do to maintain your patent, including paying yearly maintenance fees.

Learn more about maintaining your patent

Download a copy of your issued patent

If you want a copy of your issued patent, you can download it from the online Canadian Patents Database.
To get a copy of your issued patent, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Canadian Patents Database.
  2. Enter the patent number and click View Data.
    Example of the "Search Patent Number" field
  3. A row of tabs will appear under the table that contains the patent number, application number and English and French patent titles. Click the Documents tab.
    Row of tabs on the results page
  4. There is a drop down menu called "Filter." Select "As Issued."
    Example of the "Filter" drop down menu
  5. Select all of the documents in the list by clicking all of the checkboxes, then press the button called "Download Selected in PDF format (ZIP Archive)" to download your issued patent in a compressed file.
    Example of the "Download Selected in PDF format (Zip Archive)" button
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