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Submission from Dwaine Garden received on July 29, 2001 12:34 PM via e-mail

Subject: Consumer information regarding copyright law and the existing DMCA in the U.S.

      Please do not impose a law like they have in the U.S.A. Agreed, there needs to be something to protect the IP of an organization and company.

     But with the examples to date. It does not get used for that purpose. If any company feels that consumer is doing something in their lives. That does not line the pockets of their pants with gold. They will convince the Government that it's their IP that is threatened.

Here are some examples.

CD blanks==> My friend Scott had his car broken into. The thief stole about 50 cd's. At a cost of approx $19.00 to $25.00. Well the insurance company did not want to pay for them. Now, he has about a collection of 100. All backed up and burned to blank cd's. He has even burned the CD text of each song and the title of the cd into the actual cd. (Something that even the music industry does not offer). The originals are safe away in a secure place. You know what? He has purchased every copy. He is trying to protect himself.

CD/DVD media life cycle ==> Lets face it... The media is not as tough as stuff like VCR tapes. I purchase DVD movies. I have in my collection, approx. 150 dvds. At a cost of $25.00 to $40.00, the media does not stand up to regular use. They get scratched very easily. Well does that mean I have to purchase another copy of the movie. Why doesn't the industry produce a better contstruction of the media. Because they can sell more copies??? I have no options here. I can not purchase a DVD burning and make BACKUPS of my collection. If I get robbed or they get scratched. I have to re-purchase the movie.

It is very simple. Corporations do not want to give up their share of the pie. Even if the business world is changing and there are new business model s in existance. Big and slow, just kill anything that threatens them. It really does not offer a solution that is best for consumer and companies. If an organization can not adapt to the new business models that being created. Well, that is a company that does not deserve to exist. Simple business 101 course in university.

Not about stolen copyright material or IP. It's about the old corporate world unable to change into a new economy. Everything in this world allows me to investigate the area of the subject and put that information to use. It betters me as a person. Nope, not the digital world. It's stolen property.

Please, I beg the Government of Canada. Do not just follow the U.S.A. They are not the masters of the world. Everything that they do, is not perfect. The existing DMCA is something that proves this.

Oh... Sony this year has broken records for CD selling. Ummmmm.... I guess Napster did not really put a dent into the music industry like they said.

Too bad that the government in the U.S. is too stupid to understand this.

Also, a great example of abuse of the DMCA in the U.S.. The cue cat that was given for free by Radio Shack. The company was sueing people because they were not using the cuecat for the purpose that they designed it for. As a consumer that received something in the mail for free. If I use it as a door stopper. Then it's my decision. Not the company's. It's mine.... I purchased it or it was given to myself for free.

Please.... Please... Think about it. We do not need to screw the consume yet again. Or is this your plan? If it is, please tell us. I would feel better if the Canadian Government told me for once. "Yep.... You the consumer, is getting screwed by the Canadian Government again.

At least I would be able to sleep better at night.

Dwaine Garden
(A Canadian and proud of it)

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