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Submission from Adrian Neill received on August 22, 2001 1:03 PM via e-mail


This portion of the law makes reverse engineering illegal. Reverse engineering is very important to innovation. Also a complete case study on the DECSS fiasco should be performed before this law is passed. DECSS is the program that de-encrypts DVD discs to allow them to be played on non-proprietary players, I.E. the Linux operating system. The changes (similar to the united states Digital millennium copyright act) will NOT protect artists, and will stifle free speech. as a Canadian citizen, musician and artist, I ask that there be a very careful study of what the DMCA does in the united states. before we condemn ourselves to something similar in this country. Large corporations such as record and movie companies represent less than 0.0001 percent of Canada's population, passing this as law will violate my rights and yours, and only serve to increase the profits of already excessively rich corporations. I personally buy the cd's of any artist who's music i enjoy, even though I already have copies compressed in the "MP3" format.
Be sure to remember that almost nobody can afford all the music/media that they want to have, with a large portion of this country population living below the poverty line. myself included, even though I have 2 jobs and go to school. But many of us still buy as much as we can to support the artists we enjoy.

--Love & Peace, Adrian Neill I will respond with detailed contact information on request, and will clarify any points that i may have left unclear on request.

Nearly $0 a year is lost to piracy because nobody has any money to begin with.
This statistic is just as reliable as any you'd get from the industries. and I made it up on the spot.
People are only forced to steal what they cannot afford.

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