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The CSBF Program

  • Makes it easier for small businesses to obtain loans
  • Provided access to financing worth over $15 billion
  • Operates in all provinces and territories
  • Helps create jobs

Eligibility and Other Criteria

  • Start-ups and existing businesses operating for profit
  • Maximum gross annual revenue
  • Eligible type of business structure
  • Eligible assets
  • Maximum amount of loan

Interest, Fees and Security

  • Maximum Interest Rate
  • Applicable Fees
  • Required Security
  • Optional Security

How to Apply

  • Where to present your business plan
  • Who makes the credit decision
  • 'Find a lender near you'

How the Program Operates

  • Role of Industry Canada
  • Role of Lender
  • Loan loss sharing in the event of loan default

What's in it for Small Businesses?

  • Helps obtain loans
  • Leasehold improvements may be financed
  • Amount of financing negotiable with the lender

Key Points

  • The CSBFP is a loan program
  • Grants and other government programs:
  • Start ups and existing businesses are eligible
  • The CSBFP can be used to purchase assets
  • Apply for a CSBFP loan through your financial institution
  • Map of financial institutions:

How to Reach Us

Canada Small Business Financing Program
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5

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For more information or for other resources, visit our web site at

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