Online Loan Registration Application (Lenders only)

The CSBFP Online Loan Registration Application is a service that simplifies the CSBFP loan registration process for Financial Institutions and the government.

Lenders can now: Create, View, Modify, Withdraw and Deregister CSBFP Loan Registrations in real time.
To know more, watch our tutorials!


How to Create a User Account

Thumbnail photo: Tutorial 1: How to Create a User Account

Registering a Loan

Thumbnail photo: Tutorial 2: Registering a Loan

Submitting the 2% Registration Fee

Thumbnail photo: Tutorial 3: Submitting the 2% Registration Fee

Modifying a Loan Registration

Thumbnail photo: Tutorial 4: Modifying a Loan Registration

If your Financial Institution is not participating in the Online Loan Registration process and would like information on how to participate, please contact us.

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