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Archived — Survey of Intellectual Property Management (SIPM) 2010

The Survey of Intellectual Property Management is a joint project by Industry Canada and Statistics Canada. Its purpose is to address data gaps in the use and management of intellectual property (IP) by enterprises in Canada.

The survey, conducted by Statistics Canada in 2011, contacted over 3,000 enterprises representing eight distinct sectors of the economy, including: life sciences, ICT, broadcasting, publishing, motion picture and sound recording, chemicals, energy and mining, and transportation. The response rate was 70 percent.

The survey captures and presents data on firm structure and activity, IP portfolio and management, IP protection and use, expenses and revenues, and IP enforcement and infringement. The questionnaire, developed by Industry Canada and Statistics Canada in consultation with other government departments, was sent to the CEOs or senior managers of the enterprises.

This survey is part of an Industry Canada project initiated in 2009–2010 to provide an integrated statistical information system on intellectual property that comprises data from the survey, as well as other Statistics Canada data sources. The project will provide policy analysts with the data needed to inform intellectual property policy development in Canada.

The data from this survey profile the use of patents, copyrights and trade-marks in Canada, and provide the quantitative information needed to draw analytical linkages between the use of IP rights and firm performance indicators, such as productivity, competitiveness, investment and innovativeness.

Industry Canada will release a comprehensive report of key findings from the survey in the coming months.

For more information on the survey concepts, methods or data quality please contact Statistics Canada's National Contact Centre (toll free 1-800-263-1136, 613-951-8116 or Statistics Canada's National Contact Centre).

For more information about policy analysis related to intellectual property, please contact Denis Martel (343-291-2711), ISED Canada.

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