Task Force on Spam

Stopping Spam: Creating a Stronger, Safer InternetOn May 17, 2005, Canada's Task Force on Spam completed a one year mandate and issued a final report entitled Stopping Spam: Creating a Stronger, Safer Internet. The report includes a range of recommendations including more rigourous law enforcement, public education, policy development and legislation.

Spam and other related threats have become a significant social and economic issue, affecting the business and personal productivity of citizens and economies around the globe. Spam now impedes the efficient use of e-mail for personal and business communications, and threatens the growth and acceptance of legitimate e-commerce. Spam has evolved from nuisance to a primary vehicle for spreading network harms – viruses, spyware and phishing.

On May 11, 2004, the Government of Canada established the Task Force on Spam to lead the Anti-Spam Action Plan for Canada.

The Action Plan called for consulting Canadians on how to best achieve the objective of curtailing the current flood of unsolicited commercial e-mail. To this end, the Task Force created the Task Force on Spam Online Public Consultation Forum and convened a Roundtable Meeting with Key Stakeholders on December 3, 2004.


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