Privacy and the emergency telecommunications data system (ETDS)

When requesting information from your colleagues, it is your responsibility, as the Group or Contact Manager for the Emergency Telecommunications Data System (ETDS), to inform them as to why you are collecting the information and who will have access to it. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada strongly suggests that you provide the following information to members of your organization whose information you enter in the ETDS.

It is also important that this information be collected, kept and transmitted with due regard to its status as personal and confidential.

Group Managers must review this document and acknowledge understanding and agreement.

Message to Participants of Telecommunications Priority Services Programs

Why is this data being collected?

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's Emergency Telecommunications Data System (ETDS) is a database of telephone numbers belonging to essential personnel and government decisions makers, which are entered for the purpose of receiving telecommunications priority services, such as Wireless Priority Service (WPS). Group Managers may enter numbers which do not require priority for their own purposes. Only fields marked mandatory are required for activating priority services for a number. Some fields may be mandatory so that the data can be classified and analyzed.

Who has access to my information?

The ETDS is a secure database. All Group Managers are verified by either federal or provincial authorities and have access to the database by way of a user ID and password, managed by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. The information in the ETDS is subject to the statutory provisions of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

The ETDS has a hierarchical structure. Group Managers can only see their own contacts' information as well as all the information within any subgroups under their structure.

Authorized Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada personnel working in emergency telecommunications have access to the entire database for administrative purposes. These individuals may use the data to contact users of priority services for analysis in assessing and providing new services. They may also use the information as a contact database during times of emergency. ISED personnel working in informatics support have access to the database for the purpose of back-ups and IT maintenance.

Telecommunications service providers offering Wireless Priority Service (WPS) have access to information for the activation of their numbers such as names and emails, since this is a fee-based service and billing records must be accessed.

Consent for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to Use and Release Information

By participating in the program Group Managers consent to the collection, usage, storage, and transmission of the information that they provide, in accordance with the above.

Group Manager Acknowledgment

I, the Group Manager, have read and understand that it is my responsibility to inform contacts whose information I am collecting and entering into the ETDS as to the purpose and security regarding this information. I also understand that this information must be collected, used, stored, and transmitted in a manner that respects the privacy and confidentiality of the information.

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