Frequently Asked Questions
Emergency Telecommunications Data System

  • What is the ETDS?

    ETDS is Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada 's online system used to manage the collection of emergency telecommunications priority service data for the Wireless Priority Service (WPS). Group Managers enter phone numbers for personnel identified to receive priority service.

    Access to the system is limited to those with the appropriate identification and password. Additional security is provided by encryption of all data passing between the server and the browser, limited access to the data, and validation of the user connection.
  • Who gets access to the ETDS and who is my Group Manager?

    The ETDS has been utilized by Canadian organizations for over ten years. Many organizations are already set up and have Group Managers who enter data on behalf of people within their organizations.
  • How Does the ETDS Work?

    The system is designed to accept numbers for all types of telephone service - plain old telephone service (POTS) including fax numbers, VoIP, wireless service providers, and mobile satellite services (MSAT). Although not all of the above services have priority access capability at this time, the numbers can be kept in the ETDS for future implementation of priority services, or for the convenience of keeping your emergency contacts in one place.

    Once you have made the necessary changes and entered your data, WPS information will be made available to the appropriate telephone service provider for entry or update of their records. Wireless service providers are notified by email when you select WPS for a mobile number, and follow up with the new user to arrange for the priority service to begin.

    When entering information into the ETDS, remember the following important points:

    • Be sure to identify your telephone service supplier correctly for each number entered or priority cannot be activated for that phone number.
  • Who do I contact for more information?

    Contact Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada—Emergency Telecommunications for a list of contacts in your region who can provide further information about priority services.
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