Act and Regulations

The Act:

  • The Investment Canada Act

    Non-Canadians who acquire control of an existing Canadian business or who wish to establish a new unrelated Canadian business are subject to this Act, and they must submit either a Notification or an Application for Review.

Current Regulations:

  • Regulations Respecting Investment in Canada

    The Regulations Respecting Investment in Canada prescribe the information to be submitted by non-Canadians pursuant to the Act, the manner in which it is to be submitted, and provide certain definitions related thereto.

  • National Security Review of Investments Regulations

    The National Security Review of Investments Regulations were registered on September 17, 2009. These regulations prescribe the various time periods within which the Minister of Industry and/or the Governor in Council (GIC) must take actions to trigger a national security review, to conduct the review and, after the review, to order measures to protect national security in respect of the reviewed investments. The Regulations also provide a list of investigative bodies with which confidential information can be shared and which may use that information for the purpose of their own investigations.

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