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  1. Overview
  2. Statistical Information: 2010–11
  3. Statistical Information: 2011–12
  4. Statistical Information: 2012–13
  5. Appendix

Message from the Director of Investments to the Minister of Industry

Dear Minister:

I am pleased to present the Investment Canada Act annual reports for fiscal years 2010–11 through 2012–13. As Director of Investments, I am required to submit to you annual reports on the administration of the Act.

Over the three fiscal years, 49 applications were approved and 1,940 notifications were filed under the Act. Taken together, the Canadian businesses acquired in these transactions represented more than $128.5 billion in total assets.Footnote 1 Of this, applications reviewed by the Minister accounted for over $79 billion and transactions requiring notification represented close to $49.5 billion.

In each fiscal year, the resource sector attracted the largest share of investments, with a total of 259 transactions involving companies with combined assets of $66.93 billion. The 2012–13 fiscal year was particularly notable, with 94 investments valued at $33.31 billion. The business sector continued to attract the greatest number of investments over the three fiscal years, with 701 investments totalling $12.71 billion.

The United States led as the source of investments in all three fiscal years, with 1,030 investments worth more than $50 billion. The European Union accounted for 605 investments totalling close to $21.5 billion, while Brazil, Russia, India and China—the emerging economies collectively known as BRIC—had a combined total of 78 investments with more than $34.7 billion in asset value.

You will find similarly notable figures throughout the annual reports.

During the 2012–13 fiscal year, the Government of Canada introduced measures to update the Act and related guidelines. These changes will help ensure greater information sharing with the public, improved flexibility in enforcement and a clearer approach to investments by state-owned enterprises.

I trust that these annual reports provide a useful overview of the administration of the Act over the past three fiscal years. The data show that Canada has a globally connected, sophisticated economy with a proven track record of welcoming investors from all over the world.

I look forward to supporting you in administering the Investment Canada Act.

Yours sincerely,

John Knubley
Director of Investments


Footnote 1

Acquisitions are recorded by the asset value of the Canadian business to be acquired, based on its most recent audited financial statements.

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