Investment Canada Act

Non-Canadians who acquire control of an existing Canadian business or who wish to establish a new unrelated Canadian business are subject to this Act, and they must submit either a Notification or an Application for Review.
  • FAQs
    Our FAQs contains frequently asked questions concerning the applicability and the requirements of the Act. If you are not familiar with the contents of this site, you will want to read this.
  • The Investment Canada Act and Regulations
    The Act and Regulations prescribe the legal responsibilities of non-Canadians investing in Canada and the information which they are required to submit.
  • Thresholds for Review (last update February 14, 2017)
    If your investment is subject to the Act, you must submit either a Notification or an Application for Review. The thresholds change annually and determine which form you must submit.
  • Annual Reports
    Annual Reports on the administration of the Investment Canada Act.
  • Forms
    Once you have determined which one to use, you may access these forms to submit your information.
  • Guidelines (last update December 19, 2016), Interpretation Notes, and Administrative Documents
    These documents will assist you in the interpretation of certain parts of the Act which may apply to you.
  • Decisions (last update July 21, 2017)
    As Applications for Review and Notifications are resolved, they are published here on a monthly basis. They contain only the information which may be disclosed under the Act.
  • Statistics (last update April 1, 2015)
    Contains annual comparative quarterly statistical information extracted from the information received from investors.
  • Other Sites
    Our website deals strictly with the administration of the Investment Canada Act. However, this section contains links to sites which provide investors with assistance and information which are more specific to business matters.
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