Getting ready for your move

Getting ready for your move

Selecting a high quality moving company is not only your first step, it is probably the most important step in your journey. Start your search in the right place. While recommendations from friends are often nice to have, you need reliable evidence related to customer service, truth in advertising and overall business practices. The Canadian Association of Movers and Local Better Business Bureaus are usually the best place to begin.

It is always a good idea to make your own plan and your own lists. Even though a lot of professional moving companies will develop a master inventory list that corresponds to stickers on your belongings, having your own room-by-room list of belongings will help you get organized and can serve as a back-up. Making videos or taking pictures of your valuable furniture and electronics is always a good idea.

Think through all of the possibilities and use the checklists available on this website.

You can also print out this checklist for getting ready for a quick reference.

PDF version

Selecting your movers

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