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Service standards: ISED Citizen Services Centre

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Our contact centre is committed to serving clients in a prompt, reliable, professional and fair manner. To this end, we make the following commitments.

Notice: other programs and services with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) may have different Standards of Service to the Public.


Making information available is an important part of our business. We seek to:


We provide accurate, relevant and reliable information that is customized to user needs and communicated in a professional manner.


How did we do in 2020–2021?

ISED sets service level standards for various criteria and monitors performance on an ongoing basis. Here are the statistics for enquiries received in 2020–2021.

Standards of Service to the Public

ISED 2020–2021 Annual Report

Criteria What are we aiming for? How did we do? How is this measured?
Service available in official language of choice 100% 100% Quality Assurance Reports
Access to service during business hours 100% 99.9% Outage Reports
Access to service for persons with limitations 100% 94.0% Outage Reports
Accurate, relevant, reliable and professional service 90% 92.50% Quality Assurance Reports
Handle incoming calls and chats within two minutes 90% 35.1% Telephony Reports
24-hour response rate for "off-the-shelf" enquiries 90% 84.90% Enquiry Reports
5-day response rate for all enquiries 90% 96.42% EnquiryReports
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