Report fraud

Find out what do if you have been a victim of fraud, received a suspicious email or phone call, lost your wallet or other personal documents or are aware of someone committing fraud.

If you have been a victim of fraud…

If you have lost money or provided personal information to an unauthorized source, you should report this to the police.

If you have received a suspicious or deceptive email, phone call or other type of contact…

If you have not lost any money and have not provided personal or financial information (relating to a fraud or scam), and you simply want to inform the appropriate organizations:

If your wallet or other personal documents are lost or stolen…

If you are aware of a person committing fraud…

If you know of someone who is committing a fraudulent activity, you can contact your local police to report the crime (see a list of RCMP detachments).

You can also contact the following specific authorities for these types of fraud:

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