Industry Canada's mission is to foster a growing, competitive, knowledge-based Canadian economy.

The Department works with Canadians throughout the economy, and in all parts of the country, to improve conditions for investment, improve Canada's innovation performance, increase Canada's share of global trade, and build an efficient and competitive marketplace.


Industry Canada's mandate is to help make Canadian industry more productive and competitive in the global economy, thus improving the economic and social well-being of Canadians.

The many and varied activities Industry Canada carries out to deliver on its mandate are organized around three interdependent and mutually reinforcing strategic outcomes, each linked to a separate key strategy. The key strategies are shown in the illustration below.


3 Key Strategies (the long description is located after the image)
Long Description

This chart illustrates that Industry Canada's three strategic outcomes — the Canadian marketplace is efficient and competitive; science and technology, knowledge, and innovation are effective drivers of a strong Canadian economy; and competitive businesses are drivers of sustainable wealth creation — are driven by and contribute to the Government of Canada's desired outcomes: a fair and secure marketplace; an innovative and knowledge-based economy; strong economic growth; and a strong and mutually beneficial North America. Industry Canada's three strategic outcomes are the result of the Department's three key strategies — advancing the marketplace; fostering the knowledge-based economy; and supporting business — which are delivered through various program activities and supported by strategic enablers such as people management, risk management, management accountability and other corporate functions.

The Canadian marketplace is efficient and competitive

Advancing the marketplace

Industry Canada fosters competitiveness by developing and administering economic framework policies that promote competition and innovation; support investment and entrepreneurial activity; and instill consumer, investor and business confidence.

Science and technology, knowledge, and innovation are effective drivers of a strong Canadian economy

Fostering the knowledge-based economy

Industry Canada invests in science and technology to generate knowledge and equip Canadians with the skills and training they need to compete and prosper in the global, knowledge-based economy. These investments help ensure that discoveries and breakthroughs take place here in Canada and that Canadians realize the social and economic benefits.

Competitive businesses are drivers of sustainable wealth creation

Supporting business

Industry Canada encourages business innovation and productivity because businesses generate jobs and wealth creation. Promoting economic development in communities encourages the development of skills, ideas and opportunities across the country.


Industry Canada is the Government of Canada's centre of microeconomic policy expertise. The Department's founding legislation, the Department of Industry Act, established the Ministry to foster a growing, competitive and knowledge-based Canadian economy.

Industry Canada is a department with many entities that have distinct mandates, with program activities that are widely diverse and highly dependent on partnerships. Industry Canada works on a broad range of matters related to industry and technology, trade and commerce, science, consumer affairs, corporations and corporate securities, competition and restraint of trade, weights and measures, bankruptcy and insolvency, intellectual property, investment, small business, and tourism.

For more information, please see Industry Canada's Report on Plans and Priorities and Business Plan.

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