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Find statistics by industry

Gain insight into your industry's performance

Analyze key economic indicators for sectors of the Canadian economy.

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Access industry profiles and analysis

Find in-depth, industry-specific analysis and information

From aerospace to shipbuilding, get intelligence on Canada's industry sectors.

Start by choosing your sector

Review financial performance benchmarks

Compare your business with industry averages

Review and compare income statement and balance sheet data for small businesses in sectors of the Canadian economy.

Create your own report

Find companies by industry sector

Connect to buyers, distributors or partners

Find suppliers that can provide you with the products and services you need. Register or update your company profile and be viewed by 500,000 searchers per month.

Research small business

Information on the state of small businesses in Canada

Access Industry Canada's research on small business—find analysis and data on small business financing, entrepreneurship, growth patterns and more.

Find statistics and data on trends in small business financing

Find analysis on entrepreneurship, exporting, small business growth and related topics

Learn about sustainable management practices

Do more with less

See practical ways to boost your business productivity:

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