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Is IP protection right for you?

Find out!

Consider the benefits of protecting your brands and innovations.

You can also:

What do you want to protect?

Figure out what type of IP you have:

Protect your IP

Decide if you need an agent or if you can do it yourself

Hiring an agent is not mandatory but recommended when applying for patents, trade-marks and industrial designs because these applications can be complex.

Choose your approach:

Do it yourself
  1. Start with a records search to see if your idea has already been created:
  2. Get prepared: Read the applicable guide for step-by-step instructions:
  3. Protect your IP:
Get professional help

Consult our lists of accredited professionals:

  • Beware of unregistered patent or trade-mark agents.
  • Agent fees are not regulated. Agree on fees with your agent before beginning.
  • If you want IP protection in other countries, you have to file these applications separately.

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