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This guide contains information to help Canadian companies applying for financial support from the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative (SADI).

SADI's information booklet describes the process for seeking funding for research and development projects, including working with program officers to determine eligibility. SADI has five eligibility criteria that companies and their projects must meet. Before preparing a proposal, officials should contact SADI to discuss their project and other factors that affect eligibility. General information is available on the SADI website.

Proposals must be clear and comprehensive, and include all the information SADI officials will need to assess projects thoroughly through the rigorous and transparent due diligence process. This guide sets out the required content for proposals and includes a number of forms to help companies provide complete information:

Officials are encouraged to read this entire guide to ensure they can meet all the requirements before preparing a proposal and to follow the proposal checklist to ensure that their proposal is complete before submitting it.

For more information, contact SADI, as follows:

Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative
Industrial Technologies Office
235 Queen Street, 7th Floor
Ottawa ON  K1A 0H5

Toll free:
Industrial Technologies Office
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