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Proposals should contain four main sections:

  1. Corporate information
  2. Statement of work
  3. Company capability
  4. Other required content

The links above go to pages that explain what is required in each section.

As part of their proposal, companies must provide complete and detailed information on project scheduling and costs. To facilitate assessment of proposals, companies are strongly encouraged to present their information using the forms provided in this guide:

There is also a checklist to ensure proposal is complete. SADI will not consider a proposal until the company has provided all the required information, including any additional information or clarification that may be requested.

Assessment criteria

When preparing proposals, companies should provide comprehensive details to support the criteria that SADI officials will use to assess proposals:

  • the company's capability to achieve the stated objectives of the project in terms of the following: financial resources, management expertise, comprehensive business plan to achieve benefits, and the technical team's experience and expertise in conducting research and development
  • the technology benefits of the project, including one or more of the following: the degree of strategic technology innovation or excellence, or the feasibility of strategic research and development leading to product or service applications
  • the social and economic benefits of the project, including collaborative partnerships and one or more of the following: commercialization potential and benefits, or technology spillover and diffusion.

For more information on the assessment process, consult the SADI information booklet.

Key dates

Companies should take two key dates into consideration when preparing their proposals.

SADI will only reimburse eligible costs incurred after a certain date. SADI will inform companies of this eligible costs date after the proposal has passed eligibility screening and completeness assessment review, and SADI has determined the proposal to be complete and ready for the in-depth due diligence review. (For details on these steps, consult the SADI information booklet.)

Companies whose proposals SADI agrees to fund will be allowed to incur up to 20 percent of eligible project costs between the eligible costs date and the contribution agreement date. This is the date on which the contribution agreement between the company and the Minister of Industry is signed.

Once the contribution agreement is signed, companies may submit claims for eligible project costs in accordance with the terms of their contribution agreement.

SADI will not reimburse companies for any eligible costs should their proposal be rejected after the due diligence review or should the contribution agreement not be signed, for whatever reason.

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