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Proposals must provide information in four other areas:

Previous federal government assistance

When the company or any related companies (controlled by the firm or another entity) have received funding under any Industry Canada program (including the Defence Industry Productivity Program, Technology Partnerships Canada and SADI), the proposal must provide the following information:

  • a list of this funding, including the name of the source program, the project title, the authorized (maximum) amount and the type (i.e. non-repayable, unconditionally repayable or conditionally repayable)
  • confirmation that the company is current on all of the obligations (financial, reporting and other) under the contribution agreements
  • certification that the company (and related companies) is in full compliance with all current obligations, financial and otherwise, to other federal departments.

SADI does not consider for approval any project proposal from a company (or related firm) that is not current on its obligations to the federal government.

Environmental regulations

In the proposal, the company must confirm that it is not in breach of any environment laws or regulations applicable to its business or operations.

Certification and authorizations

The proposal must include Form 8: Certification and authorizations, signed by the appropriate company official.

Lobbyists and contingency fees

The company must comply with the Lobbying Act. Officials must be aware of the requirements of the Act and review its provisions with their legal counsel to ensure compliance, prior to communicating with SADI officials about the proposal or the project to which it relates.

Firms may not pay consultant lobbyists a commission, contingency fee or any other consideration that depends on the execution of a contribution agreement with SADI. These prohibitions are set out in the Act and are part of the SADI contribution agreement. Strict adherence to these requirements is a condition of all SADI funding approvals.

The following documents must be included in the proposal as appendices:

  • a list of employees and consultants who are representing or will represent the company in discussions with SADI officials about the proposal
  • a printout from the Lobbyists Registration System for those employees and consultants who must be registered under the Lobbying Act
  • an explanation of why any employees and consultants are not included on the printout of registered lobbyists, and why they do not need to be registered.

The company will have to update the list, as required, during the proposal process.

For more information on lobbying and the Lobbying Act, consult the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada.

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