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Company officials should read and consider all the following information prior to submitting a proposal.

Security of company information

SADI will not disclose to any party outside of the federal government (other than external parties retained to review technical aspects of a proposal) any commercially confidential information a company submits, except in the following circumstances:

  • The company authorizes the release.
  • Industry Canada is required by law to release the information.
  • The information ceases to be confidential.
  • The Minister of Industry is required to release the information to an international or internal trade panel due to a dispute in which Canada is a party or a third-party intervener.

The company must mark any commercially confidential information in its proposal as such. Officials may also wish to become familiar with the terms of the Access to Information Act, which governs the release of information held by federal organizations.

International agreements

SADI is administered according to Canada's international agreements. SADI contributions are not contingent, in law or in fact, on actual or anticipated export performance.

Company commitments

Depending on the proposal, SADI may modify its standard contribution agreement to include additional terms and conditions.

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