Health Research Institutions and Research Networks

Canada's extensive network of academic health institutions and research centres includes 17 medical schools, over 45 groupings of academic healthcare organizations and about 13,600 researchers, as well as strategically focussed research networks. Canada's research excellence is recognized in many therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, metabolic disorders, neuroscience, oncology, and infectious diseases and vaccines. Canada ranks amongst the top 10 countries worldwide in terms of the number of biopharmaceutical research papers published, specialization of research, and impact output and scientific impact. Canada is a leader in the development of key technology platforms including stem cells and regenerative medicine, genomics and antibody technologies.

Health Research Networks

Federal Research Networks

The federal government's Networks of Centres of Excellence Secretariat fosters world-class national research networks focused on key strategic areas of research interest. Three types of networks supporting health-related research and commercialization have been established under the Secretariat, namely, the original Networks of Centres of Excellence, the Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research, as well as Business-led Networks of Centres of Excellence.

International Research Networks

Canadian research institutions and researchers participate in international research networks, including the following:

Canadian Health Research Institutions

Federal Laboratories

The National Research Council is the Government of Canada's leading organizations for research, development and technology-based innovation. Six NRC institutes are dedicated to biotechnology, of which four are health related, namely:

  1. Biotechnology Research Institute
  2. Institute for Biodiagnostics
  3. Institute for Biological Sciences

In addition to institutes, the NRC has state-of-the-art research facilities across the country, from which Canadian companies and universities can access and benefit. The NRC research facilities of interest to life science companies include: