M-22—Content and format of POS cash register tapes and phase out of monetary tare credits

Category: Mass
Bulletin: M-22 (rev. 1)
Document(s): NAWDS, sections 34 & 61
Issue Date: 2008-09-01
Effective Date: 2008-10-01
Supersedes: M-22

Table of contents

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this bulletin is to establish Measurement Canada's policy regarding the content and format of Point of Sale (POS) cash register tapes, the phasing out of monetary tare credits and the implementation of these requirements.

2.0 Background

2.1 POS cash register tapes, or receipts, are required to provide specific information as outlined in section 67 of the Specifications Relating to Non-Automatic Weighing Devices (1998) (NAWDS). While this section specifies what information must be provided, it does not address the format in which the information should be presented in order to ensure that it is clear and understandable to all parties to a transaction.

2.2 The Non-Automatic Weighing Device (NAWD) Field Inspection Manual (FIM), STP-6 Visual Examination of the Printed Ticket has been developed to address the format of a POS cash register tape.

2.3 Older Electronic Cash Registers (ECR’s) were often incapable of addressing tare during a transaction. Monetary tare credits were sometimes being used to address the tare issues during transactions across these POS systems. As most modern ECR’s are now capable of performing tare operations correctly, the use of monetary tare credits is no longer acceptable except as indicated below.

3.0 Application

The following outlines Measurement Canada's policy regarding the content and format required for POS cash register tapes and the phase out of monetary tare credits.

3.1 New electronic cash register

When point of sale scales interfaced to new ECR's are initially inspected, these systems must provide cash register tapes that meet the content and format outlined in the NAWD FIM, STP-6. Tare features must comply with the requirements outlined in the NAWD FIM, STP-11, Tare. Monetary tare credits are not acceptable.

3.2 Existing electronic cash register

When point of sale scales interfaced to existing ECR's (installed prior to December 31, 2003) are initially inspected, cash register tapes do not have to be formatted as outlined in the NAWD FIM, STP-6, but must contain all the information required by section 67 of NAWDS. Monetary tare credits will continue to be accepted under these circumstances.

3.2.1 Formatting as per NAWD FIM STP-6 is preferred for all cash register tapes and should be used if the machine is capable of being programmed to comply.

3.2.2 Monetary tare credits should be replaced by proper tare function whenever possible.

4.0 Revision

The purpose of this revision is to simplify the requirements for Content and Format of POS Cash Register Tapes and Phase Out of Monetary Tare Credits (PBRI2008).

5.0 Additional information

For additional information regarding this bulletin, please contact your regional Gravimetric Specialist.

Luciano Burtini
Senior Program Officer, Gravimetric
Weighing and Measuring Division
Program Development Directorate

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