Field Inspection Manual — Automatic Weighing Devices

Part 1, Section 1: Introduction

There should exist a similarity in attitude, procedure and performance by all Measurement Canada personnel and recognized technicians of accredited or registered organizations performing the same general inspections. Uniform application and consistent interpretation of legislation, policies and procedures is key to the effective administration and enforcement of the Weights and Measure Act, Regulations and Ministerial Specifications.

The purpose of this Field Inspection Manual is to provide inspectors and other interested parties with a guide to the inspection of Automatic Weighing Devices and systems (AWDS). Each test procedure includes the actual Standard Test Procedures (STP) which provides detailed criteria for testing the device or system. If required, reference is made to other test procedures, specifications and legislation.

The use of these test procedures to evaluate the compliance of an automatic weighing device or system should be considered the norm rather than the exception. In some circumstances, additional tests may be warranted. In cases such as these, the Regional Specialists should be consulted, and care must be taken to ensure that these tests adhere to the intent of the Act, Regulations and other Specifications.

Enforcement action shall be initiated when an infraction sufficient enough to warrant non compliance with the legislation is identified. The enforcement strategy shall be in accordance with the Weights and Measures Enforcement Policy for Weighing and Measuring Devices.

Measurement Canada encourages the reference and use of test procedures and test equipment as identified in this manual, but acknowledges that there are alternative test procedures or test equipment that can be used to inspect a weighing or measuring device. Subject to the review and approval of the proposed test procedure or test equipment by Measurement Canada, the alternative methodology will be accepted and documented in the respective Standards Test Procedure (STP) on a case-by-case basis.


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