Field Inspection Manual — Automatic Weighing Devices

Part 1, Section 2: Symbols, Acronyms and Definitions


Automatic Zero-Setting Mechanism


Actual Scale Interval


Device Under Test


Verification Scale Interval


Minimum Verification Scale Interval


Electromagnetic Interference


Inspection Procedure Outlines


Initial Zero-Setting Mechanism


Measurement Canada Laboratory


Measurement Canada


Maximum Capacity


Manual Zero-Setting Mechanism


Notice of Approval


Maximum Number of Scale Intervals


Organisation internationale de métrologie légale


Code Price Look Up Code


Point-of-Sale Weighing System


Radio Frequency Interference


Semi Automatic Zero-Setting Mechanism


Standard Test Procedures


Zone of Uncertainty

Automatic Weighing Device

a weighing device that weighs without the intervention of an operator and follows a predetermined program of automatic processes characteristic of the device.

Catch Weighing Device [ATWS]

an automatic device that weighs pre-assembled discrete loads or single loads of loose material. Includes ‘Automatic Overhead Rail Scales' and ‘Automatic Belt Scales'. Does not include those devices commonly known as ‘Conveyor Belt Scales'.

Discontinuous Totalizing Weighing System [DTWS]

an automatic device that weighs bulk product by dividing it into discrete loads, determining the mass of each discrete load in sequence, summing the weighing results and delivering the discrete loads to bulk. Often referred to as a ‘Bulk Weigher'.

Continuous Totalizing Weighing System [CTWS]

an automatic device for continuously weighing a bulk product on a conveyor belt, without systematic subdivision of the mass and without interrupting the movement of the conveyor belt. Often referred to as a ‘Conveyor Belt Scale'.

Rail Weighing Device [IMRW]

an automatic device having a load receptor, inclusive of rails for conveying railway cars and that determines the total mass of a train or, of an individual car, by weighing while in-motion.

In-Motion Vehicle Weighing Device [IMVW]

an automatic device having a load receptor(s) that determine the total mass of a vehicle by weighing the vehicle while in-motion.

Gravimetric Filling Device

an automatic device which fills containers with predetermined and virtually constant mass of product from bulk by automatic weighing, and which comprises essentially an automatic feeding device or devices associated with one or more weighing units and the appropriate control and discharge devices. This will be considered an automatic packaging machine.

Non-Automatic Weighing Device

a weighing device that weighs discrete loads and that requires an operator's intervention during the weighing process, such as to deposit the load to be measured on the weighing and load-receiving element and to remove it therefrom or to obtain weighing results. If there is doubt whether a device should be included as an Automatic, or Non-Automatic Weighing Device, the Non-Automatic designation shall prevail.

Dimensional Measuring Device
  • Linear Measuring Device (static & dynamic)
  • Area Measuring Device
  • Multi Dimensional Measuring Device (MDMD)
  • Time Measuring Device


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