Field Inspection Manual — Automatic Weighing Devices

Part 1, Section 3: Revisions Table

This document will continue to be periodically reviewed by Measurement Canada to ensure its effectiveness with respect to its objectives.

Revision table
Date of revision or addition Language Section Nature of the revision or addition
October 2016 English/French Part 2, section 1
  • Renamed the title:
    "Part 2, section 1a: Type 2-11, 3-11, 7-11: Automatic Catch Weighing Device—Dynamic Weighing"
  • In Part 2, added section 1b, titled "Type 3-12: Automatic Catch Weighing Device—Static Weighing''
  • Updated the document to specify that the procedure in section 1a is to be used for testing of ACWDs that perform dynamic weighing
  • Specified the device types which can be tested using section 1a procedure
  • Editorial corrections to ensure consistency of terminology used
October 2016 English/French Part 3, section D
  • Editorial changes and extensive modifications to the Product Test Load Development procedure for individual commodities.
September 2013 English/French Part 2, ASTP – 3 DTWS
  • Simplified procedure and grouped relevant sections.
  • Provided references for procedures addressed elsewhere (e.g. break point).
May 2013 English/French Part 3, Appendix C
  • Removed all references to bulletin M-02, which has been revoked.
March 2013 English/French Part 2, ASTP – 8
  • Removed Product Test Load Development procedure as they will be included elsewhere.
  • Removed Test Chain procedure as they are now considered obsolete.
  • Added notification regarding LOE from sections 174 and 175.
  • Reduced Minimum Totalized Load to 800e for R193 devices to harmonize with OIML.
  • Added weighbelt and roller information.
  • Expanded sealing requirements to include speed sensors.
  • Miscellaneous clarifications and corrections.
March 2013 English/French Product Test Load Development
  • New procedure
October 2011 English/French Part 2, ASTP – 3 DTWS
  • Simplified test procedure.
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