Measurement Canada Implements Process Resolution Changes within the Electricity Trade Sector

This information bulletin is intended to advise electricity sector stakeholders that Measurement Canada, in cooperation with representatives from the electricity industry, has developed and intervention implementation program which will address the processes to be followed when changes to regulatory requirements are contemplated and where applicable, the manner in which the requirements shall be developed. The process has been developed on the basis of the Issue Resolution Process initiated with the natural gas sector following the trade sector review performed in 2001. Additionally, in support of the establishment of marketplace performance indicators relative to the electricity measurement sector, distribution utilities and meter owners will continue to participate in marketplace data collection initiatives, currently implemented by the Agency.

Additional details regarding the introduced process can be found in the Intervention Implementation Program Application Manual which is available on Measurement Canada's website or by contacting a program officer responsible for Electricity measurement.

Dave Flieler
Senior Program Officer, Electricity
Program Development Directorate
Measurement Canada
Tel.: 613 969-4092
Fax: 613 969-3665

Gilles P. Vinet
Program Development Directorate

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