Field inspection manual — Volumetric measuring devices

Category: Volume
Part: 1-Intro
Section: 3
Publication date:
Revision number: 10

Part 1, Section 3: Revisions table

Revisions table
Date of revision or addition Language Section Nature of the revision or addition
April 2017 English/French Part 4, STP-45
  • New procedure
April 2017 English/French Part 4, STP-43
  • Complete rewrite of existing procedure and inclusion of tables.
April 2017 English/French Part 4, STP-41
  • Streamline formulas and procedures in order to make the procedures easier to follow.
  • Eliminate the calculations for correction of air buoyancy when both the sample and test load are measured in the same environment.
  • Update reference to MC authorized spreadsheets
  • Revise Appendix 1 — Hydrometers and add pressure vessel purging to this section.
  • Add Appendix 2 — Pycnometers.
April 2017 English/French Part 4, STP-27
  • Modify procedures & formulae to account for the removal of air buoyancy calculations.
  • Generalize the procedure to incorporate all types of liquid meters registering in units of volume.
  • Add test thermowell requirement for gravimetric testing of liquid products.
  • Remove Appendix 1 and reference the new standard scale performance test procedure.
  • Add minimum test load selection tables for some common applications in Appendix 1.
  • Remove Appendix 3.
  • Renumber remaining Appendices.
April 2017 English/French Part 4, STP-28
  • The purpose of revision 4 was to republish the document's graphics.
April 2017 English/French Part 4, STP-23
  • Correct the sign of the volume calculation result.
  • Update the temperature format for consistency with other documents.
  • Change applicability to all open provers by including the concept of reference temperature.
  • Add CCE for Seraphin® stainless steel and borosilicate glass (Pyrex®, etc.)
  • Standardized scientific notation format.
April 2017 English/French Part 4, STP-21
  • Revision 1 was to add the procedure for determining kilograms per minute for mass to mass testing of Coriolis effect meters.
July 2016 English/French Part 4, STP-44
  • New procedure.
October 2015 English/French Part 4, STP-26
  • Revised Equilibrium Vapour Pressure (Pe in kPa absolute) Chart 1 to include densities of 500, 505 and 510 kg/m³ propane.
  • Added table 1 with Pe values (in kPa absolute) for 500, 505 and 510 kg/m³ propane.
  • Added table 1 with Pe values (in kPa absolute) for 500, 505, and 510 kg/m³ propane.
  • Added table 2 with Ctl values for 500, 505, and kg/m³ propane.
  • Added table 3a with Cpl values for 500 kg/m³ propane.
  • Added table 3b with Cpl values for 505 kg/m³ propane.
  • Added table 3c with Cpl values for 510 kg/m³ propane.
  • Updated example calculations.
October 2015 English/French Part 3, STP-11
  • Clarified the anti-drain valve test procedure.
  • Reworded certificate annotation for non-original equipment manufacturer hose or nozzle.
  • Added test for meter roll-up/spin-up.
  • Added test for meter creep.
  • Renamed STP to reflect additional tests.
April 2015 English/French Part 4, STP-43
  • New procedure.
April 2015 English/French Part 4, STP-42
  • New procedure.
January 2015 English/French Part 3, STP–8
  • Clarify compartment switching procedure for bulk fuel trucks including the addition of the requirement to use the furthest compartment from the pump.
  • Clarify the administrative limits of error (ALOE) and associated examples.
  • Reword certain sections including Interpretation of Results to make the intent clear.
  • Reformat bulletin to reflect new standard practices.
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