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Field inspection manual—volumetric measuring devices

Standard test procedure— table of contents

Table of contents
STP STP number
Part 3—Standard test procedure
Return-to zero test Section 1
Interlock test Section 2
Segment test (display) Section 3
Slow flow test Section 4
Fast flow test Section 5
Intermediate flow test Section 6
Repeatability test Section 7
Product depletion test Section 8
Agreement between registrations test Section 9
Computed price value test Section 10
Check valve, anti-drain valve, spin-up and creep tests Section 11
Hose expansion test Section 12
Reverse flow test (vehicle mounted meters) Discontinued
Backlash test (dispensers and refuellers) Section 14
Delivery cross-over test Section 15
Product blend test (blending dispensers) Section 16
Prepay test (motor fuel dispensers) Section 17
Automatic temperature compensator test Section 18
Automatic temperature sensor failure test Section 19
Electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference susceptibility test Section 20
Part 4—Specialised test procedures and other special instructions
Flow rate determination Section 21
Prover wetting and drainage Section 22
Prover shell corrections Section 23
Masking and suppression of volumetric displays Section 24
Safety procedures for lube oil meters Section 25
Procedure for testing liquified gas meters using a vapour displacement prover Section 26
Gravimetric testing of meters registering in units of volume Section 27
Specialized test procedure—Milk receiving and milk pick-up metering systems Section 28
Vacuum test for air eliminators installed upstream of the pump Section 29
Master meter calibration procedure (meters used for the calibration of tanks) Section 30
Line drainage test (calibrated tanks) Section 31
Sensitivity test (calibrated tanks) Section 32
Expansion space test (calibrated tanks) Section 33
Manifold back flow test (calibrated tanks) Section 34
Bottom fill air entrapment (calibrated tanks) Section 35
Procedure for testing aircraft refuellers Section 36
Procedure for testing vehicle mounted gravity head meters Section 37
Procedure for testing metering systems for herbicides, fertilisers an chemicals STP Discontinued
Procedure for testing metering systems for bunker oil or liquid asphalt STP Discontinued
Procedure for testing static volumetric measures used in trade Section 40
Procedure for density determination Section 41
Specialized test procedure—Coriolis effect mass flow meters in general Section 42
Specialized test procedure—Gravimetric testing of Coriolis effect mass flow meters indicating in mass units Section 43
Automatic pressure compensation Section 44
Reference scale test procedure Section 45
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