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Field inspection manual—volumetric measuring devices

Part 3, section 3— Performance— segment test (display)


This test applies to any primary electronic resettable register.


To verify that all display segments are neither continuously on or off which will cause measurement errors.

Legislative references

SVM.1-12, NoA.


All presently approved volumetric devices with electronic indication are provided with automatic segment testing capability normally activated by turning the device on; or when the device is reset to zero before a delivery is initiated. Before the pump is engaged or the solenoid valve opens, the power is cut on all display segments, and then the power is supplied to all segments during a brief moment allowing an observer to determine whether a segment remains on or off all the time.

Note: Certain registers may have an automatic self-testing feature that will check the segments prior to each delivery and prevent it if a faulty segment is detected. Consult the appropriate Notice of Approval.

Reset the device to zero in order to initiate a delivery. Observe the display during the segment testing process. Determine whether a segment remains alive or dead. Repeat the process if necessary. During inspection pay attention to secondary indicators and printers to determine whether there are faulty segments or faulty digits.

Interpretation of results

If a faulty segment is uncovered, the device does not comply with the requirement and must be repaired.

Note: Faulty segments found on secondary display or faulty digits on printers warrant a non compliance. They must be repaired.


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